Welcoming BLCK VC’s New CEO, Robert Gordon IV

2 min readSep 26, 2023

By Sydney Sykes and Frederik Groce on behalf of the BLCK VC CEO Selection Committee and BLCK VC Board of Directors

BLCK VC Community Members, Partners, and Allies,

When we founded BLCK VC in 2017, we had no idea what the organization would become, and we just knew that there needed to be a space for Black venture investors to come together. A space where Black investors could share their experiences and skills and ultimately work together to try to make it easier for the next generation of great investors to break into the industry.

Six years later, BLCK VC has made tremendous strides towards achieving its goals. We’ve helped break numbers of investors into the industry with our programs — while growing our regional chapters from a single chapter in San Francisco to seven chapters across the U.S. Furthermore, we’ve grown from being an organization of volunteers to one with a team of five amazing full-time employees that keep the organization running! Today, we mark another milestone in the BLCK VC’s history with the announcement of our new CEO, Robert Gordon IV.

We first met Rob when he participated in BLCK VC’s Black Venture Institute program, where he stood out from day one. He brings an incredible set of experiences from organizations like America’s Promise Alliance, /dev/color, Department of Defense, the DNC, Hustle, and Searchlight AI. His work at these organizations was a testament to his ability to enact substantial change — including his sincere commitment to amplifying and progressing diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging, which mirrors BLCK VC’s spirit.

In Rob, we perceive more than just a leader. We see an advocate, a visionary, and a game-changer. As an alum of not just one but two of BLCK VC’s programs, he also embodies and truly believes in the mission and vision of BLCK VC.

We’re set on broadening the impact and quality of our programs and community events while fortifying and expanding our strategic partnerships, and amplifying the success stories of our community that break the mold. By doing so, we hope to continue to inspire a new generation of Black investors. Under Rob’s leadership, we believe BLCK VC will be able to not just continue the work the organization has done but accelerate the trajectory of positive impact BLCK VC can have by building bridges to enable enduring change in the venture capital industry.

So, let’s raise a digital toast to welcome Rob and celebrate this next chapter in BLCK VC’s ever-evolving story. Here’s to new beginnings and unstoppable progress.

Warm regards,

Sydney & Frederik




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