Fund Forward: BLCK VC’s Mission to Bridge the Racial Funding Gap

3 min readJul 10, 2023

The Fund Forward initiative, launched by BLCK VC and proudly sponsored by Google Ventures (GV), is dedicated to addressing the racial funding gap in the venture capital industry. We aim to mobilize $1 billion in limited partner and operating capital to empower Black fund managers by 2030.

Why Fund Forward Matters

The racial funding gap in the venture capital industry is a deeply ingrained issue that has hindered the progress of underrepresented fund managers for far too long. While Black-led venture funds receive a mere 1% of total venture capital funding, the potential for innovation and economic growth within these communities remains largely untapped. We must address this disparity head-on and create a future where everyone can thrive.

To truly understand the magnitude of the problem, examining the broader landscape of venture capital funding is crucial. Studies consistently reveal that diverse teams are more likely to generate higher financial returns, making it clear that investing in underrepresented communities is not just a matter of fairness but a strategic decision that benefits all stakeholders.

Fund Forward is a call to action for individuals and organizations to join us in closing the racial funding gap and shaping a more inclusive future for venture capital. By redirecting capital toward Black fund managers (GPs), we challenge the status quo and unlock the true potential of a diverse and inclusive venture ecosystem.

Our Objectives

At its core, Fund Forward strives to achieve three key objectives:

  1. Forge Meaningful Connections: Facilitate impactful connections between limited partners (LPs) and Black fund managers (GPs), creating increased investment and collaboration opportunities.
  2. Build Trust and Credibility: Raise awareness of the challenges LPs and Black fund managers (GPs) face, fostering dialogue and driving positive change within the industry.
  3. Share Knowledge and Resources: Provide Black fund managers (GPs) with the support and insights needed to navigate fundraising and operational challenges and LPs the tools to support investment decision-making.

Our Approach

The Fund Forward initiative employs various strategies to achieve its objectives:

Exclusive Networking Events — Virtual and in-person events offer a platform to forge valuable connections and explore potential investment collaborations between LPs & other LPs, Black fund managers (GPs) & other Black fund managers (GPs), and LPs & Black fund managers (GPs).

Knowledge-Sharing Initiatives — We believe in the power of shared insights and expertise. Through thought-provoking webinars, panel discussions, and curated resources, Fund Forward ensures that knowledge-sharing remains at the heart of its efforts, empowering Black fund managers (GPs) with insights and best practices to navigate the intricacies of the venture capital landscape and LPs the tools necessary to make investment decisions.

Comprehensive Database and Matchmaking — Our dynamic platform connects limited partners (LPs) and Black fund managers (GPs), sparking collaboration and driving investment opportunities. The Fund Forward database has matchmaking capabilities that enable LPs and Black fund managers (GPs) to connect based on shared investment goals and objectives, facilitating meaningful partnerships.

Get Involved with Fund Forward

Engaging with Fund Forward is a powerful way to make a difference.

  • Limited partners and Black fund managers can participate by joining the Fund Forward Database, providing access to exclusive event invitations and the opportunity to make meaningful connections. As an LP, discover compelling investment opportunities and connect with pioneering Black fund managers (GPs). If you’re a Black fund manager (GPs), unlock a world of support, resources, and partnerships to fuel your growth and amplify your impact.
  • Individuals and organizations can become sponsors, tailoring their level of involvement to benefit from brand exposure, event collaboration, content creation, and database access. By supporting Fund Forward, you showcase your commitment to diversity and inclusion while collaborating on a groundbreaking initiative that shapes the future of venture capital. To sponsor or partner with the Fund Forward initiative, contact us at

Don’t miss the chance to be at the forefront of change in the venture capital industry. Join Fund Forward to access exclusive networking, knowledge-sharing, and powerful connections.

To learn more about Fund Forward and how you can get involved, visit our website at

Let’s create a lasting impact and shape a more inclusive future for venture capital.




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