We are thrilled to welcome two new team members to BLCK VC, Dorian McCorey and Muriel Foster! Dorian is joining us as our Community Manager and Muriel will be our Program Officer. Both are joining BLCK VC at a critical point in our growth and will help us scale our community, reach, and impact.

BLCK VC is thrilled to announce the Black Venture Institute (BVI) Cohort 2 with 55 new Fellows! This new class joins over 50 BVI Fellows from the first cohort to continue expanding the Black Venture Institute Community. The Black Venture Institute was launched in 2020 to empower a new generation of Black leaders across the tech industry with the knowledge and networks to become investors.

As we reflect on the past year, the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery, and the global response against racism, we’re reminded of the importance of creating meaningful change in racial equity…

We are the change that we seek.

On June 4th, 2020, BLCK VC hosted the We Won’t Wait Day of Action to memorialize the deaths of innocent Black American’s, including George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and so many others. We used this day as a moment to force the tech community to reflect on the racial injustice in our society and, more specifically, venture capital’s role in perpetuating racial inequality and systemic injustices.

However, we cannot claim success after one day, or one summer, or one movement towards racial equality. …

BLCK VC is thrilled to announce the launch of the Second Cohort of our NYC Path Program this spring! We’re excited to continue our partnership with Lerer Hippeau and Anthemis to implement this program.

Last Fall, we launched the inaugural NYC Path Program, with 21 Fellows from investment banking, management consulting, and tech. These NYC Path Fellows dove into topics like economics of the venture industry, how to develop their investment thesis, and the deal sourcing and due diligence process in venture. They built a community of peers that are continuing to stay engaged and support each other. We’re thrilled to bring in the next NYC Path Program Cohort to join our community!

About the Program:

The NYC Path Program is creating an onramp for New York City-based Black professionals to discover jobs in…

In honor of Black History Month, BLCK VC is launching a series of articles highlighting some of the amazing Black talent in Venture Capital (VC) today. For our second spotlight, we spoke with Mike Asem, a General Partner at M25 in Chicago, Illinois. M25 is an early-stage fund focused on investing in startups headquartered in the Midwest.

So, let’s start from the beginning, before entering venture capital where were you working? Can you share some key experiences?

When I was in college at Purdue University in Indiana, I knew I wanted to do something in the business world. I grew…

This summer, 11 brilliant and determined young professionals from across the country participated in the inaugural BLCK VC Breaking into Venture (BiV) Program, a fellowship for aspiring venture capital investors.

2020 marked a critical inflection point for BLCK VC. In a year filled with trials and tribulations, from a crippling global pandemic to a national reckoning of systemic racism, the BLCK VC network rallied around us, helping our team achieve significant growth as an organization, as a community, and as a movement.

As we reflect on this past year and the great strides we’ve made, we want to share our sincerest gratitude for our Committees and our Chapters that have been the catalysts driving our work for the past year. …

We are thrilled to have completed the first Black Venture Institute cohort with our 51 inaugural Fellows. This is an exciting step in our journey toward transforming the venture and technology landscape, with a goal of materially increasing the number of Black check writers in the venture ecosystem. Black Venture Institute (BVI) aims to graduate 300 new BVI Fellows over the next three years. The Black Venture Institute exceeded even our own high expectations, particularly with respect to the charisma and engagement of our outstanding Fellows. While there are many things we enjoyed about this first cohort, perhaps the most…

Meet The Fellows: 2020 BLCK VC NYC Path Program

A month ago, we announced that we joined forces with Lerer Hippeau and Anthemis to launch our New York City fellowship program. The eight-week program is designed to provide Black professionals with a path to discover jobs in venture capital through educational programming, community connections, and mentorship. Currently, only 3% of venture capitalists are Black, with even fewer controlling the more than $80 billion invested annually in the U.S. Through this program, we aim to continue doing our part to diversify the talent landscape of the venture capital industry. …

In Partnership with Lerer Hippeau and Anthemis

Beginning this Fall, BLCK VC is launching a New York City fellowship program in partnership with Lerer Hippeau and Anthemis.

About the Program:

The aim of this program is to create an on road for Black professionals to discover jobs in venture capital through educational programming, community connections, and mentorship. Our goal is that our cohort will leave the program with a meaningful understanding of the industry, practical tools, and a network that will set them up to pursue venture capital roles in the future.

Program details:

The program will launch this October with 20 fellows from industries across banking, startups, consulting, and more. Throughout the eight-week program, fellows will take part in weekly sessions taught by investing partners from…


Connecting, Empowering and Advancing Black Venture Investors. We are the change that we seek!

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